Kuroshima & Panari 1 Day Tour


Take an off-the-beaten-path tour to Yaeyama’s most secluded island of Panari, Aragusuku.  With a population of only ten people, Panari boasts pristine and essentially untouched beaches earning its rank as one of the clearest waters in the world.  Discover the beauty of this isolated island, which can only be reached by private boats.  For lunch, enjoy a complimentary, locally made bento surrounded by the amazing views. Spend the rest of your time snorkeling among the reefs off the island of Kuroshima, famous for its clear blue waters and wealth of tropical ocean life.   

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Price – Adults ¥11,000/person. 
Children (12 and under) ¥7,700/person. 

Snorkeling gear, lunch, boating fee and insurance are included.


*Plans and availability may be subject to change due to weather and ocean conditions.
All passengers must bring their own towel and swimwear.


9:00 Sail from Ishigaki port→10:00 Arrive at point→11:00 Land at Panari(Break or snorkeling at the beach)→12:00 Lunch→13:00 Take a walk on Panari→13:30 Sail from Panari→14:00 Arivve at point near Kuroshima→15:00 Sail from Kuroshima→16:00 Arrive back at Ishigaki port

Cancelation Policy

If you must cancel your appointment, there will be a cancelation fee. See below for details.
In the event of a tour cancelation due to weather or ocean conditions, no cancelation fee will be applied.

3 days prior No cancelation fee
2 days prior 30% cancelation fee
1 days prior 50% cancelation fee
Appointed day 100% cancelation fee