Naohiro Uchida (Nao)


Hometown ・・・Aichi Prefecture



Dislikes・・・ Losing

After living in Australia for a year, I came to Ishigaki for the first time. As soon as I arrived, I knew I wanted to live here. With Jiyujin, I wish to share all the good times to be had on this beautiful island, with travelers from all over the world. I`ve had so many meaningful experiences through my travels, I hope to provide you with such as well. Come check us out!

Michihiro Yamamoto(Yamachan)




Likes・・・Boating and boat maintenance


Hi! My name is Michihiro, but please call me Yama-chan. I love the ocean and piloting ships and boats! I have been licensed to drive all kinds of boats for over ten years. My friends and coworkers say that I am never seen without a smile on my face. Ishigaki is a beautiful place. Come and see us!

Hazuki Yoshida(Yosshi)


Hometown・・・Saitama Prefecture


Likes・・・Marine sports


My name is Hazuki but please call me Hazu. I was a snorkeling guide for 5 years on mainland Okinawa before coming to Ishigaki. I love teaching others about the different kinds of sealife here in the southernmost prefecture in Japan. The Yaeyama Islands are surrounded by so many beautiful corals and fish, you have to come see it. I look forward to snorkeling with you!

Anela (Lala)


Hometown・・・Ishigaki Island

Age・・・10 months


Dislikes・・・Being by myself!

Hello everyone! My name is Anela, but everyone calls me Lala. I was born and raised in Ishigaki and am the proud mascot of Jiyujin. Although I am a bit afraid of the water, I love being pet and meeting new people. Please come and visit me!



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