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Snorkelling Scuba DivingIshigaki Snorkelling and Scuba Diving Tours Jiyujin

“Jiyujin” when translated to English, means “free spirit.”

However, in a small play on words (or characters, should I say) the kanji in our shop name are not the usual symbols, but instead those for “time”, “play”, and “person.” Although phonetically read the same way, the meaning behind these characters describe what we, at Jiyujin, strive to do everyday.
Now, here’s where we get deep. To us, these characters symbolize the beauty in the finite time we have in our lives. The beauty comes when we realize that we must spend as much time as we can, playing or enjoying our lives while meeting and learning about the people with whom we share this world. Wow, still with me right? Good! Well, with this in mind, we want everyone to enjoy the time we can spend together surrounded by the breathtaking Yaeyama ocean without a single care or worry.
Since English is the global language, we give our tours in both English and Japanese so travelers from all over the globe can fully enjoy their time with us in Ishigaki.
Become a jiyujin. It`s time to be free.


Tour Lists

All passengers must bring their own towel and swimwear.
Plans and availability may be subject to change due to various weather and ocean conditions.


You can also make a reservation from LINE or WhatsApp.

Please note

  1. 1. All customers must bring own towel and swim wear
  2. 2. Plans and availability are subject to change depending on weather and ocean conditions
  3. 3. Ishigaki`s creatures are wild, therefore outside of our control. Although unlikely, we cannot always guarantee sightings of them

Full day tour example itinerary

Hotel pick-up
Depart Ishigaki Port
Arrival at 1st point
Departure from 1st point
Arrival at 2nd snorkel / diving point
Lunch time
Move point
Arrival at Manta Point
Return to port

Half day tour example itinerary

Hotel pick-up
8:30 or 12:30
Depart Ishigaki Port
9:00 or 13:00
Arrival at Phantom Island
9:30 or 13:30
Departure from Phantom Island
10:00 or 14:00
Arrival at snorkel / diving point
10:30 or 14:30
Point departure
11:30 or 15:30
Arrival at Ishigaki Port Transfer
12:00 or 16:00

FREE pick up and drop off within the ishigaki city area and from Taketomi Island.
Taketomi Island pick up for boat tours only.

Reservations・Contact / English OK!

*Please make all reservations (except Dusk Tour) at least 1 day in advance.

Ishigaki Snorkeling Tours Jiyujin

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